Your Top 10 Ideal Secrets to Plan A Perfect Outdoor Wedding in Chennai

A Comprehensive Guide.

The moment she or he says “I do”, the following enchanting time-lapse begins.

A sequence of ‘things to do’ starts to reel into one’s mind. This sequence of thoughts is exciting and overwhelming as there are innumerable things and events to be planned. The most important of them of all is planning your big day. We are with you, we have listed the Top 10 Secrets to Plan A Perfect Outdoor Wedding in Chennai. When celebrating your momentous event, choosing the right venue is indispensable. The process transcends into a series of questions and thoughts. The most significant of them is a debate on whether to conduct an indoor or outdoor wedding. If you have crossed this aisle and decided to conduct an outdoor wedding, then this is your ideal guide.

Follow these Top 10 Secrets to Plan a Perfect Outdoor Wedding in Chennai

and surprise your guests by hosting a successful event.

1. Choose the perfect outdoor venue

Everyone has an imagination of how their wedding venue must look and based on your expectations, inspect different places and choose an adept outdoor venue that suits your taste and needs. Our metropolitan city has numerous outdoor venues. While choosing ‘your venue’ you need to take into consideration various factors like proximity of location, accommodation options, the capacity of the outdoor area, catering amenities, and other luxuries. Choosing the right venue is one of the major checklists in our Top 10 Secrets to Plan A Perfect Outdoor Wedding in Chennai. However, we have you covered, host your perfect outdoor wedding at Shanthi Nivaas, where we will help you craft your precious events.

2. Battle the hot sun

Our city is known for its scorching weather, especially during summer from April to July. You don’t want to walk down the aisle as sweat drips down your face. Contemplate the situation and talk to your decorator about erecting a shaded temporary roof structure like a pavilion, if the venue is not properly shaded by tree fringes. Also, think about cooling your guests by enticing them with cool drinks like chilled tender coconut water or lemon soda. Remember to keep your guests as cool as a cucumber. This tip is imperative in our Top 10 Secrets to Plan A Perfect Outdoor Wedding in Chennai. 

3. Include nature as part of the decor

Getting married in a nature-bound ambiance is a dream come true for most romantics in town. This dream is accomplished by getting married on a beautiful lawn. Accentuate your decor for the day by including natural elements that add to the beauty of the venue. Include natural flowers, copper vases, and earthenware to enhance your magical platform. Discuss with your decorator to design the stage with a cohesive color theme that compliments the natural setting of the environment.

Top 10 Secrets to Plan A Perfect Outdoor Wedding in Chennai

4. Focus on the layout of seating arrangements and other amenities

While conducting an event choosing a class and chic seating arrangement will accentuate the experience of your guests. Discuss with your decorator to provide elegant as well as comfortable cushions for your guests. Determine your guest list well ahead of time and provide the finest seating arrangements for your guests during your wedding. Look for venues with outdoor lavatory facilities and likewise look for venues with ample indoor spaces that will act as a breakout space for the guests to relax in. This is another key tip in our list of Top 10 Secrets to Plan A Perfect Outdoor Wedding in Chennai.

5. Keep the pests at bay

Any outdoor venue with good lighting is also a popular tourist spot for pests, particularly for the infamous mosquitoes and flies. We cannot eliminate the entire population of these pests. But we can realistically reduce their infiltration by planning a periodical pest management schedule. Ask your venue manager to take precautionary pest control measures a day before the event. This will help in protecting your guests from these pesky pests.

Top 10 Secrets to Plan A Perfect Outdoor Wedding in Chennai

6. Prioritize safety and comfort above everything.

Your responsibility extends from the time your guest steps into the venue till their departure. Choose a venue with appropriate seating capacity to prevent any accidents caused by overcrowding. Also, confirm with the venue manager the presence of clear instruction signs near the pool area if any. Enquire in advance about medical kits and emergency procedures. This is yet again a salient tip in our list of Top 10 Secrets to Plan A Perfect Outdoor Wedding in Chennai.

7. Communicate with the vendors on time

One of the most underrated tips in our Top 10 Secrets to Plan A Perfect Outdoor Wedding in Chennai is communicating effectively with vendors like decorators, caterers, photographers, makeup artists, and musicians. Convey your ideas precisely with every vendor and tell them what theme you want to have on your big day. Book all the known vendors beforehand as this will give you ample time to orchestrate your big day efficiently. Give them all a schedule of the event and communicate to them about your deep-rooted traditions and culture so that they can craft and capture these valuable moments elegantly. They are the behind-the-camera crew to support you on your marvelous day.

8. Have a flawless contingency plan

Despite precise planning sometimes you will be surprised by unexpected events like sudden rain spells, planning issues, and material delays. Don’t be alarmed and think calmly. Talk to all your vendors about these unexpected situations beforehand and come up with a good plan. Having a flawless plan will help you face and tackle the situation serenely.

9. Arrange for electricity backup

Making arrangements for electricity backups like generators and inverters is vital while conducting a big event, particularly in a city like Chennai which is known for notorious shutdowns. You don’t want the magical lights to turn off as you dance hand-in-hand with your partner. To avoid your dream bubble from bursting, talk to your venue manager and ask him about the generators provided in the venue. Ensure that the backup is run once ahead of the event to see if the generator supports all lights, equipment, and devices.

10. Incorporate native flavors and customs

As Chennaites, we are ingrained with ancient culture and delectable cuisines. Talk to your vendors and introduce a tinge of our tradition on your memorable day. Talk to your catering vendors and introduce your guests to mouth-watering South Indian live snack counters. Furthermore, entertain your guests with traditional activities such as a concert compiling our authentic music or a traditional dance performance. As a remnant of your favorite memory give your guests meaningful gifts that remind us of our ethnicity and roots. Tick this cardinal aspect in our list of Top 10 Secrets to Plan A Perfect Outdoor Wedding in Chennai to make your guests happy.

Getting married in a city like Chennai will help you fabricate your enchanting and dreamy wedding comfortably. However, from start to finish, planning a perfect wedding takes painstaking attention to detail, time, and effort. Nevertheless, our Top 10 Secrets to Plan A Perfect Outdoor Wedding in Chennai will make your tedious process easy. As you walk back the aisle with your partner you will not regret the decision you followed these Secrets to Plan A Perfect Outdoor Wedding, which helped you conceive a flawless plan for your eventful day. As your family and friends erupt in cheers and applause you will be blissful, satisfied, and reminded that by adhering to these top ten secrets your wedding was a tremendous success.

Hope our guide on the Top 10 Secrets to Plan A Perfect Outdoor Wedding in Chennai is useful to all you budding wedding planners. While you are at it, take a look at Shanthi Nivaas Wedding Venue if you want to host a great and memorable outdoor wedding. Contact us now if you have any questions or queries.